Santa Luzia

 Santa Luzia is the only uninhabited Capeverdean island as it's regarded as a natural reservation.
The marine fauna is very rich and diverse and Santa Luzia is a prime choice for turtles to spawn thanks to the limited human presence and light pollution.
It's situated in the channel between Sao Vicente and the two islets of Branco and Raso (also neighbouring Sao Nicolau).
Access to Santa Luzia and to the two islets is restrained to scientific and educational purposes. To visit you will need advance authorization from the State Secretary for the Environment, who is responsible for environmental preservation namely protection of the endemic species living there.
volcanic origin. The highest point is Monte Grande or Topona elevating 395 m, the second elevating 344 m and the third elevating 337 m, other mountain tops include Agua Doce or Agua Dolce (315 m) and the fifth tallest is Monte Espia


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